Avoid hibernation mode and keep exercising this winter

Avoid hibernation mode and keep exercising this winter

Don’t let winter scare you off and send you into hibernation mode. Embrace winter, this is the time to start working on your summer body!

The cold winter months have arrived! I know the colder weather makes it hard to stay motivated; and as a result, we tend to eat more and do less (cue fluffy blankets, hot chocolate and comfort food).  However, exercising during winter will help you keep warm, stay healthy, keep the winter blues at bay and best of all help you avoid gaining that layer of winter fat.

Everyone always talks about working on their “summer body” but the problem is that people start thinking about this at the start of spring; I hate to be the bearer of bad news but you are too late! You need to start working on your summer body in winter, or even better, you should be making exercise a part of your lifestyle and daily routine so that you are always in your best shape and in good health.

Winter is a great time for exercise, don’t fear the cold and become lazy! Here are some reasons why exercising during the winter month’s is so beneficial; not just for creating that summer body, but your overall health and wellness too!

1. Avoid gaining that layer of winter fat!

Less physical activity and exercise paired with an increase in the amount of food eaten (especially all that yummy, warming comfort food) tends to leave you with a little extra layer of fat at the end of winter. This is when everyone goes into panic mode and the frantic attempts to create a summer body begin. Don’t be one of these people! Keep exercising through winter and you won’t be in for a nasty shock when spring rolls around.

By maintaining your fitness routine, you will be able to maintain your fitness level and make reaching your goals easier. It is very easy to lose all the progress that you made in the warmer months if you don’t keep up with your routine.

2. Keep Warm

Instead of sitting in front of the heater, get up and start moving! Sitting still makes it harder to stay warm. By getting up and exercising (yes, I know that’s a challenge) you will be able to naturally heat up your body. The warmth that is created from exercise has a soothing effect on the body, similar to the effect of a nice long soak in the bath.

Although you will be cold to start, it won’t take long for you to start sweating and getting hot (yes, actual proper hot where you will need to strip off some of the many layers you have on!). Once the blood is pumping, you’ll maintain that warmth long after your workout is done.

3. Keep the winter blues at bay

Many people suffer from the winter blues and some people suffer seasonal depression, more often know as seasonal affective disorder during the winter months. People who suffer this tend to experience mood changes similar to those experienced with depression, however the symptoms are only experienced during autumn and winter and tend to subside and disappear with the arrival of spring. This is generally caused by the shorter days which then messes with your internal biological clock. Symptoms of this disorder include little to no energy, sleeping too much and overeating.

However, don’t despair, regular exercise during the winter period can help you beat the winter blues feeling and help you feel motivated to keep moving. This is because exercise stimulates the production and release of hormones called endorphins which make you feel good! Regular exercise also helps to ease stress and anxiety allowing you to feel more calm and relaxed.

4. Stay healthy and ward off colds and flu

Research has shown that regular exercise aids in strengthening your immune system which is beneficial for fighting off colds and flu as well as other viral and bacterial infections. As we all know, winter is cold and flu season so keeping your immune system strong is very important.

Great, now that you are hopefully feel more motivated; turn the TV off, peel yourself off the couch, get your gym clothes on and get moving!