Elisha Yeh

Yoga instructor – Group Classes/ Private sessions (Umhlanga Area)

Hi everyone, I’m Elisha! My yoga journey started when I was 12, both my parents are yoga teachers. For many years, like many people, it was just a form of physical activity for me.  However, that changed last year when I embarked on a journey to India where I completed my 200hr teacher training in Hatha Yoga.

For me, Yoga is what centres and grounds me; it helps me understand my emotions and thoughts; connecting my mind and body through breath. Improving flexibility is not just about the physical being but the mental state too. During my training,  I learnt that Yoga has so much more to offer, it goes beyond the body and ultimately is a path to find peace within.

My motivation to teach is knowing that by spreading the knowledge of yoga I can bring about a positive change to people’s lives as it has done so greatly for me. My aim is to pass on the knowledge of Yoga; to help others find their own ways of healing, grounding and centering the body & soul through this ancient practice.

As a teacher, I wish to create a safe space for students to explore their own mind & body through a strong practice of pranayama (breathing techniques) and a deep awareness on alignment. I look forward to guiding you on the mat.

Elisha Specialses in:

  • Hatha Yoga
  • Meditation
  • Vinyasa Yoga
  • Yoga Nidra