Personal Training

Private Fitness Sessions

What does it mean to have a private fitness session?

Programme Types

I have completed my qualifications for personal training, yoga and kickboxing and over the past 5 years I have worked with a large variety of different clients all with their own unique needs and goals. Using what I have learnt through my studies and drawing on the experience I have gained working with these clients, I have developed my own personal training method that I feel works well for helping people to lose weight, tone and improve strength as well as improve fitness. People get bored easily and I have often found that people battle to stick to a rigid, repetitive exercise regime. For this reason, the programmes I have designed focus on offering you a unique experience where you are able to see results and improvements whilst also experiencing variety in your sessions to keep them fresh and exciting. These programmes are then tailored to suit your own unique needs and goals.

The programmes I offer are:

Get-Fit! is the ultimate full body workout that will get you sweating and burning off those unwanted calories. These sessions fuse cardio and strength training in a circuit-based format to help you lose weight, tone up and improve your overall fitness.

Box-Fit! sessions are based on the principles of kickboxing and also incorporate a variety of cardio, toning and strengthening exercises. These sessions offer a fully body workout that challenges both the body and the mind.

Get-Fit! Senior
These sessions are designed for older adults (50+). These low impact workouts will help improve strength, balance, co-ordination and overall fitness levels. During these sessions, you will experience a mix of cardio, strength exercises (using light dumbbells or resistance bands) and balance exercises.

Benefits of Private Fitness Sessions

  • Convenience – your trainer comes to you at a time and place that best suits you, no more dragging yourself to the gym
  • Privacy – not everyone is comfortable having an audience in a crowded gym, we will help you get fit in a space where you feel most comfortable
  • Motivation – you will have a qualified trainer to help you reach your health and fitness goals and keep you motivated to push harder than you would on your own
  • Cost Saving – you just need to pay for your trainer, no contracts or joining fees